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Please define the architecture of POS

first post: KumarSuresh wrote: Hi Everyone, I wanted to understand the POS application and anyon...

Changing the Layout of the Caller Id box or info

first post: eddie_ton_frere wrote: Hello, nice meeting you.. Emren, if i want to use Samba Pos with C...

For English Speaking Users

first post: emreeren wrote: We mirrored our sourcecode at http://sambapos.googlecode.comI'm add...

didn't open the source code?

first post: tonywoo815 wrote: didn't open the source code?

latest post: emreeren wrote: We lost our source code repository because of mercurial corruption....

Multi-Language support

first post: tonywoo815 wrote: Nice. Could you have the text/message in a separate resouce file to...

latest post: dumin wrote: I do like this project . But it's better if it's bundled with engli...

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